Change in Polling Location!

If you live in District 3-3 and have been Voting in person at the Ingomar Middle School, the new location is Unitarian Universalist Church 2359 W Ingomar Rd Pittsburgh PA. This change starts with the Primary Election on April 23 2024. Good thing we love change! Check your

Voter Location




Calling all Republicans

In the past 10 years the number of Republican Voters in Franklin Park is down 8% to 42% of total voters, and only 43% of that total Voted in 2023.  Lowest in 15 years! If you like going to the Polls to Vote, great keep it up. If you are not sure you can make it to the Polls the State now offers Mail In Ballot Voting. You can always surrender your Mail In Ballot at the Polls and Vote in person.

We all have to Vote this year!  



President of the United states

Nikki Haley
Donald Trump

United states Senator

Dave McCormick

PA Attorney general (Vote for one)

David Sunday
Craig Williams

Auditor General

Timothy DeFoor

PA State treasurer

Stacy Garrity

US Congress 17Th District

Rob Mercuri

PA State Senate District 37

Devlin Robinson

PA General Assembly District 30

Nathan Wolfe

Delegates to the Republican National Convention
(Vote for three)

Mike McMullen
Jack Casey
Abby Kail
Toni Shuppe
Bob Howard
Veronica Steinkirchner
Vince Fusca
John Fredericks

Alternate Delegates to Republican national convention (vote for Three)

Mike McMullen
Christine Mattarachia
Bob Hamilton
Mary Jo Castello

Upcoming events

Franklin Park Voting Wards & Districts 

Updated April 2024


Want to learn more about what is going on at your local Franklin Park Republican Committee? Please contact us at [email protected]


The Vision of the Franklin Park Republican Committee is to be the leader for honest, effective, and responsive government in Allegheny County, the most influential voice in articulating the message of the Republican Party in Allegheny County and the political party of choice for the voters of Allegheny County.

Please consider becoming involved in your community.

Join in the fight for our FREEDOM!