A message from the Honorable Melissa Hart

To the Residents of Franklin Park Borough,

It’s been 12 years since I left the U.S. Congress where I was honored to serve you, representing a large swath of Western Pennsylvania. As you may know, I grew up here and still live in the area.
This letter is an open letter to the people of Franklin Park, not on my behalf, but for a good man who is currently a public servant in Franklin Park, Borough Councilman Luke Myslinski.

Luke is a good friend of mine and he is a candidate to continue to serve on your borough council after being appointed to fill out the unexpired term of Jane Hopey. He has tackled these duties with the energy and commitment that he demonstrated while working in my congressional office and in managing my campaigns. He is dedicated to the principles of low taxes, low debt and efficiency in providing quality services to the Franklin Park community.

His experience in public service has spanned many years and levels. He has also weathered many challenges. The great thing about Luke is that he is a problem solver with a personality—that is, he gets along with others and focuses on bringing people together to find solutions. This is a wonderful quality for a successful public servant. It is also one he exercises daily at his work in the field of arbitration services.

I encourage you to look for Luke on the ballot on November 5th and give the Borough what it needs, constructive, intelligent and experienced leadership to continue to move Franklin Park into a bright future.

Melissa Hart